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John Calvin, c. 1590


(10 of 55) John Calvin, c. 1590
Copper engraving by Theodor de Bry (1528 1598) - dimensions: 13.8 x 10.5 cm.

Half-length portrait of the Reformer in profile, with a full curly beard, cap, skull cap and gown, facing right. On the table is a book, held upright by Calvin's right hand. Above his head is an inscription going halfways round the margin: IOHANNES CALUINUS THEOLOGUS Geneuensis. Decorative ornament in the corners. Under Calvin's arm there is a slate with the inscription: Nasc: Novioduni Vero /manduorum A 1509. / 10. Julij Moritur A 1564 / 27.Martij. To the right of the board there is a book. At the very bottom two lines of inscription: Gallia non alio tantum se Flamine factat / Nec se alio tollit Scotia Vate magis. The signature to the left of Calvin: B

From the four-volume work: AMMON, Johann: Icones virorum illustrium, Pars 9, Heidelberg. 1664. DOUMERGUE, ╔mile: Iconographie Calvinienne. Lausanne 1909, pp. 39-40. Illustration p. 39;p. 237, No. 88 German Huguenot Museum Bad Karlshafen

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