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Welcome to the Huguenot Museum

The German Huguenot Museum
The German Huguenot Museum

The German Huguenot Museum which was founded in 1980 is housed in a former tobacco factory in the Huguenot town of Bad Karlshafen. Exhibits relating to the history of the Huguenots are displayed on three floors.

The society responsible for the museum is the German Huguenot Society. It receives support from the town of Bad Karlshafen.

You, too, can help the society to fulfill its tasks by becoming a member.

Ground floor

Waldensian School

Special exhibitions, author's readings and lectures are held on the ground floor, educational activities also. For example, scenes from Huguenot history can be performed in this area.

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First floor


The first floor deals with the history of the Reformed Protestants in France - called Huguenots - in particular their suffering and persecution as a minority in Catholic France.

Online-Information: Huguenot history | Huguenot cross

2nd floor

Arrival of the Huguenots

The settlement and integration of the Huguenots who fled from France to the German territories are the themes treated here, with an emphasis on Brandenburg, Prussia, Hesse-Kassel and Franconia.

Online-Information: The German Huguenot Association

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