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John Calvin, 17th century


(9 of 55) John Calvin, 17th century
Copper engraving by Johann Jakob Thourneysen (1636-1711, excudit Basilea - dimensions: 22.4 x 15 cm.

Half-length portrait of Calvin in an oval. He is wearing the cap of academics and the fur-trimmed gown. His right hand is raised, the index finger pointing upwards. At the foot of the oval: a medallion with an angel blowing the trumpet. Marginal inscription: DOCTRINA & VIRTUS HOMINES POST FVNERA CLARAT.

Marginal inscription of the oval: JOHAN CALVINVS VERE THEOLOGYS ECCLESIASTES GENEV VIXIT LAVDATIS ANN. LIV.MENS X.DIES XVII MORT RELIGIOSIS A CIC LECTEUR ER CHANTRE LXIV DM. Inscription at the bottom oft he oval: PROMPTE - SINCERE. Inscrition at the bottom: Hoc vultu hoc habitu, CALVINVM sacra docete / GENEVA felix audiit / cuius scripta PU toto venerantur in Orbe / frustra IMPUS Ringentibus. The portrait bears a strong resemblance to the portrait in the library in Geneva and to the portrait in the Rilliet collection.

See DOUMERGUE, ╔mile: Iconographie Calvinienne. Lausanne, 1909, p. 56 f. Illustration plate X ; p. 242, No. 146. German Huguenot Museum Bad Karlshafen

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