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John Calvin, 1574


(11 of 55) John Calvin, 1574
Woodcut by Balthasar Jennicher, goldsmith and copper engraver (+ before 1621) - dimensions: 15 x 13 cm.

Half-length portrait of the Reformer, facing right, with beard and scholar's cap. Calvin is holding a scroll in his hands. Inscription at the top: WARE BILD=/NVS JOHAN/NIS CAL=/VINI WIE/LAND P/PFARRHER/ZV GENF / IN SOPHOI. Inscription on the right: B-I / 1574; inscription at the bottom: JOHAN HVSS HAT DIE BEHMEN BKERT / VND LVTHER HAT DIE DEVTSCHEN GLERT / SO HAT DIESER CALVINVS GMERT / DEN GLAVBEN IN FRANCKREICH VGWERE / DEM ANTECRIST DARVM ER MORDT / WIEDERTEVFFEL IST NIE ERHORT

Literature: DOUMERGUE, ╔mile: Iconographie Calvinienne. Lausanne 1909, p. 69 with illustration; p. 246, No. 193

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