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Persecution of the Huguenots according to Romeyn de Hooghe

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Persecution of the Huguenots according to Romeyn de Hooghe<br>Plate 2 - center

(28 of 28) Romeyn de Hooghe

Centre: Rhymed signatures in French and Dutch. In the centre the allegorical female "France"surrounded by Jesuits who want to convert France. An open Catholic church is on the right. In the crowd at the front the Pope can be seen riding on the seven-headed beast of the Apocalypse. He is coming out of a triumphal arch with the inscription: Hoc sancte sede… On the very left there is a tower with rooms on top of each other. In the rooms there are scenes from the Old Testament books of Esther, Chronicles and Judith. Scenes of persecution and murder are seen at the rear. The balcony with rays at the top left bears the inscription of the Greek letters Alpha and Omega instead of the image of God rejected by Reformed Protestants.

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