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John Calvin, 53 years of age (1562)


(6 of 55) John Calvin, 53 years of age (1562)
Copper engraving by RenÚ Boyvin (1530-1598) - Measurements: 16.9 x 12.3 cm.

Half-length portrait of the reformer facing left with beard, cap and fur-trimmed cape. At the top Calvin's motto: PROMPTE ET SINCERE. At the bottom, framed: JOHANNES "CALVINUS" /ANNO "AETATIS" 53 "/"B"

See DOUMERGUE, ╔mile: Iconographie Calvinienne. Lausanne 1909, pp. 42-44. Illustration Plate VII, p. 239, No. 115. BRAEKMANN, E.M. (Ed.): Jean Calvin. Catalogue Brussels 1986, cover illustration and page 35f. Firmin-Didot, Vol. I, No. 173

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